Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Vampires Ball And A Collection of Poetry

Tomorrow is my daughter, Sarah's birthday.  She will be 17, which means I am getting old, lol.  She is beautiful and talented and I am so proud of her.  I wrote this poem based on her Halloween Costume.


*       Vampire's Ball

Do not be fooled by her innocent look,
For evil, disguised is often mistook.
Her appealing smile, so sweet and pure,
Her welcoming demeanor, the perfect lure.

To draw you in to the vampire’s ball,
Where un-dead creatures will answer the call,
Summoned from death at Satan's command,
Devouring blood at hungers demand.

Her eyes will gleam as you ask for a dance,
Now caught in her gaze, you've lost your last chance.
Onto the floor, you're lead to your doom,
Dancing a waltz on the way to your tomb.

Hypnotized by her shimmering eyes,
You fail to realize your impending demise.
Dancing slowly, you’re bound by her gaze,
Enveloped within an enchanted haze.

A piercing pain interrupts the Vamp's spell,
Awakening knowledge that all is not well.
You try to scream but your larynx is gone,
And somewhere far off, the sound of Death's Song.

The vampire feeds from the hole in your throat,
Drinking blood to your heartbeats last stroke.
Smiling, she leaves you on the dance floor,
Across her face, the remnants of gore.
By Lisa McCourt Hollar

These are some of the poems she has written.

Lost Souls

Midnight creeps across the ground
As wolves search for souls not found.
A shadow runs across the night,
And the wolves attack at first sight
As humans still remain unaware
Of the soulless body the waves now tear.
Into the fire it must be cast,
Or it's death shall never last.
By Sarah Sprague

Vampire Fun

Look at the night sky
And hear the wolf cry.
As the full, bloody moon
Warns of bloodshed soon
With that howl in the night
That bring us such fright,
But actually gives warning
Of a family soon to be mourning
Over a daughter, a sister, a brother, or son,
After a long Halloween's night of vampire fun.
By Sarah Sprague

Feelings Not Hidden

When everything's gone, when everything's faded
You try to keep your feelings shaded
You try to run and you try to hide
But you can't contain the thoughts inside

By Sarah Sprague

This Feeling

I feel empty
Nothing left within
How could this be?
No one understands me.
This feeling is lonely
This emptiness is unspeakable!
I feel my heart has sunk
You treat me like trash.
This is an empty feeling
To be an outsider
Who's misunderstood
These voices say "DIE!"
And I want to cry.
But who would care?
This isn't fair!
To be a nobody who feels invisible
If only someone cared
And for once said "LIVE"
But who would be willing to give
Up his life for me?
Finally! I have been filled!
This emptiness is gone!
I'm free to live,
For Christ was willing to give!

By Sarah Sprague

And finally, she has come by her twisted sense of humor honestly.  Here is her version of Deck The Halls.

Deck the halls with lots of bodies.
 Falalalala lalalala.
 Tis the season to be slaying.
 Falalalala lalalala.
Did you know we killed your mother?
 Falalalala lalalala.
Soon we’ll kill you and your brother,
Scream in pain as you are tortured.

By Sarah Sprague

Happy Birthday Sarah!  I love you!

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