Friday, December 10, 2010

Strangled on a Scream

Strangled on a Scream
By Nomar Knight

Watched through lying eyes
Decayed skin drawing flies
Each soul in a trance
Hunger beat their dance
Begged for another chance
But I strangled on a scream

Unstoppable their drive
Casting shadows not alive
Fear awakened on our side
Never broke their monster stride
Hellish wailing cry I tried
But it was strangled on a scream

A weapon I did need
Beasts clamoring to feed
Evil neighbor remained still
Ungodly sight sent a chill
Zombies gorged on fresh kill
Again I strangled on a scream

Backed against a wall
Damning evil standing tall
Fickle mob with yellow eyes
Feeling my mouth as it dries
Vowed to God no more lies
As I strangled on a scream

The hand of doom drew near
They moaned and fed on fear
Regrets about my past
Escape was not to last
Then a sudden blast
Overtook my strangled scream

One by one they did fall
Exploding heads and all
Brains sprayed on my chin
Sanguine mess of human sin
Alive anew because of kin
Gratitude—strangled on a scream

copywrite 2010 Nomar Knight
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