Thursday, March 31, 2011

Death's Embrace

I am working on a collection of poems for my book of dark poetry called Hidden Secrets, Whispered Lies. Death's Embrace is one of the poems included and I think appropriate to end the month with as we head into April and Child Abuse Awareness Month.

Death's Embrace

Darkness surrounds me,
Keeping me safe inside,
Hiding me from the evil,
Of nature’s wicked ride.

Shadow is my friend,
Whispering to me,
Calling me to its depth,
Where no one else can see.

My face is scarred,
From the beating it has took,
I cannot bear his laughter,
Nor her saddened, pitied look.

If she loves,
As a mother should,
Why doesn't she stop him,
Instead of standing there like wood.

As he beats me, then her,
Our cries going unheard,
By neighbors, teachers, friends,
Too busy to be stirred.

I succumb to the darkness,
Accepting its warm embrace,
For only just a moment,
To feel Deaths welcoming grace.
copyright © 2011 Lisa McCourt Hollar

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  1. Good luck with your book!

    I've been to a lot of poetry blogs. Yours is one for my blog roll.

    I'll be back!