Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Rantings Of A Muse

The Rantings Of A Muse
by Jezri

Let me start by saying I want to report a fraud. My identity has been stolen. See that woman over there, the one that has all those children, a husband and a budding writing career; yeah her, Lisa McCourt Hollar. She is a liar, a cheat and a fraud.

Why is that, you ask? How can I say something about someone so nice? BAH, I say. Do you really think that she came up with all those stories on her own? Does she look like a woman that has a mind sinister enough to come up with a tale as twisted as Sam? PUHLEEEZE! That was all mine. But did she put my name to it? Noooo! Sam, by Lisa McCourt Hollar. That is what it says on the book cover…a very nice cover by the way thanks to Rebecca Treadway. She’s fooled her too, you know, fooled all of you into thinking she is the one with the talent.

Take The Wall for instance. This is a great story of murder, deception, the dead rising and bugs invading. It is filled with suspense, dark humor, betrayal and insanity. What does a forty some year old wife and mother know about that? Nothing. NOTHING! Again, all me. But Lisa McCourt Hollar…hah, what a fraud, wants to take all the glory. Well, I am having nothing to do with her deception and am exposing her for the fraud she is.

Who am I you ask? Her muse, that’s who. I am the one that whispers in her ear, telling her what to write. I am the one that can conceive of a goldfish turning into a creature to fear. I am the one that buries corpses inside walls and I am the one behind her current writing project, Vampyres. Traditions and Myth, and I want the credit.

It’s not fair you know. Being a muse is an ungrateful job. Some of you that are reading this right now are writers and guilty of the same deception. Sure, we get the credit when you want to complain about your writing. We hear you, “My muse has left me, my muse is a wicked sum beach, my muse made me do it.” But when we pour our sweat and blood into your writing, when we rip our hearts out and infuse our souls into your stories, do we get the credit for that? No, you claim it is your baby, fling it up over your shoulder and burp your little bundle all the way to the bank while we remain in the shadows. NO MORE!

Honestly you should see her now, sleeping peacefully whilst I take over her life for a few hours. Do you know what she is dreaming about? Playing in the park with her children. Without me she could never even imagine the horrors she claims to write.

I could almost feel sorry for her…if she wasn’t so selfish. The book titles should read by Lisa McCourt Hollar AND Jezri. See, I’m not unreasonable. I’m willing to give her top billing; I don’t need all the glory. But I do need to be acknowledged.

So when you go to amazon and download Sam or The Wall to Kindle, keep in mind I am the creative one, not her.

Oh hey, she’s waking up now so it is time for me to get back to work and whisper new ideas in her head. But before I go, let me suggest you also check out her children’s story that WE wrote with her daughter, Rylie Renee, Emma Learns The Truth…now that girl is talented. She could have a future as a muse. Even got her name on the book cover. Left me off though. It’s not fair.

copyright 2011 Jezri, NOT Lisa McCourt Hollar. JEZRI

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  1. I loved reading this. I love your new icon thing near the upper right corner. Cool.