Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Cover By Any Other Name

A Cover By Any Other Name
by Lisa McCourt Hollar

Today is Second Tuesday, a blog hop with a theme. Todays topic: Book Covers. Wow. This is something I have been thinking about a lot. Ever since I decided to take the plunge into indie writing, I seem to be spending more time on these 'wrappings', trying to come up with something to entice the potential reader into picking up my book...figuratively, since I am e-published. Hopefully soon I will be in book form and my readers that prefer that option will have something solid to hold in their hands.

My earlier attempt at creating my own art was less than successful. With Sam, I hit the art application that came with my laptop. I know you all remember this little guy. Honestly, I think he is cute. But as a book cover...maybe for a comic book, but Sam is a horror story with a twist.

Thank God Rebecca Treadway stepped in, took pity on my pathetic attempt at art and created me something more suitable of the first zombie goldfish.
I transformed my sad, plain, disgusting image of my bug infested The Wall from this 

To this

Of course I asked your advice, offering up several different versions, making changes and finally settling on the putrid green. Admittedly it was my husbands favorite, so he had a lot of input. And now, once again, I am looking for your help. I am working on a new book cover for The Carnival. I have 3 selections...one of which I really like, but I am flexible. You tell me what you like and what you don't like...tell me what changes you think I need. And together maybe we can come up with something that will jump into your kindle.

Like last time, either leave a comment below or email me your thoughts. Email can go to jezri@writing.com. I look forward to hearing from you.

Selection 1

Selection 2

Selection 3

copyright© 2011 Lisa McCourt Hollar All rights reserved


  1. selection 1: the coloring. Then take selection 3's title and leave it there, with section 2's author title towards the bottom, but as one line with the title.
    They (the text) still look a tad too blurry and may fail to show up on those bloody small kindle thumbnails.
    What image program are you using for text? They tend to look pixelated. I know FB will do that, but Blogspot usually doesn't. If you're resizing images, save the text for the very end so they maintain clarity. :-)

  2. Quite the difference from Sam #1 to #2! I can see Rebecca has talent in scary art!

    As for The Carnival book cover, I like the image however find the lettering blends into the background - these need to stand out as the most important things are the title and author name. I like #3

  3. Wow LOVE the image very gripping. I think the lay out of #3 is best but but the lettering is lost into the colors of the image.

    If you used the lay out of #3 and the coloring for the letters on #2 you got a winner :)

  4. Eden, I got the design from a royalty free site. Rebecca did do Sam though. I love her work.