Friday, May 27, 2011

Happy Birthday To The Master: VIncent Price

 Happy Birthday To The Master:Vincent Price
by Lisa McCourt Hollar

Vincent Price, THE Master of Horror, would have been 100 years old today if he were still alive. He is one of the most influential icons in horror and his work has shaped who I am as a writer. I remember watching Last Man On Earth  and being enthralled.
 And no, I am not THAT old, but I have always had a thing with older horror movies. They knew how to do it back then. I am sure there are those that consider Last Man On Earth laughable because it doesn’t have all the gore that modern movies do, but something about all the blood and gore in movies that are being pumped out by those in Hollywood, is taking away from the thrill of being scared, and Vincent Price knew better than most how to scare.

One of my favorites of his is House on Haunted Hill, which personally I like better than the remakes. Sure, it’s a bit cheesy, who can seriously look at that dancing skeleton and not laugh, but it was still spooky. 

House of Wax scared the daylights out of me and made me afraid of wax museums the way Hitchcock made me afraid to go into the shower.

I think one of the most known and remembered things about this horror icon is his voice. To this day I recognize his voice when I hear it and a still feel the thrill that it brings. He was a master at what he did. Others have come after, but none of his caliber. He is missed. Happy Birthday to one of the greats!

Some of his best: IMO


Scream and Scream Again           
Michael Jackson's Thriller (GOT TO LOVE THE VOICE)    


  1. Happy Birthday, Mr. Price. You were a classic in life and an icon for the ages.

  2. I AM old enough to remember many of his movies when they first came out. Age does have its priviledges. He was indeed a remarkable talent.


  3. How I loved his voice. I wish I spoke like that instead of this mincing lilt.