Friday, August 12, 2011

The Perfect Woman

Today's Vamplit Friday Flash theme is Grotesque Love (in a brothel) I immediately had an idea and what follows sprung from the deepest, darkest corner of my mind. Before reading, I want to warn you that it does contain sexual situations and strong language. If this offends you, you may want to skip.

The Perfect Woman
by Lisa McCourt Hollar

Dennis stood outside the door, his hand raised as though he were going to knock. Lowering it, he stood there indecisively, not sure if he should continue or not. What if Brenda found out?

"What if Brenda found out?" The jeering voice of his best friend Peter taunted him from inside his mind. He knew if Peter were with him, he would never let him hear the end of it if he didn't go in. "Seriously, you need to learn to live man," he imagined his friend saying. "So what if Brenda finds out? What's the worst she can do leave you? She would be doing you a favor."

Making up his mind, Dennis lifted his hand and rapped on the door, his knuckles making a solid thunk against the wood. The door was opened almost immediately and Dennis took a step back, startled by the colorfully dressed woman standing there. From the amused expression on her face, he had the feeling she'd been watching him through the peephole as he made up his mind.

"Can I help you?"

"I, um, well...Pete Crowley said I should stop by."

"Oh, you're here for Miranda," the woman said, giving Dennis a knowing wink. "I'm Mrs. Thiemann, the house mother. Follow me."

Dennis almost snickered out loud at the term 'house mother." An old whore was still a whore, no matter what she called herself. As he followed her into the brothel, Dennis turned his head side to side, looking in rooms with open doors. Scantily clad women were all over the place, some hanging on men, others just lounging around, waiting to be called upon. One whose, tits were barely covered by pasties was leaning against the wall by the staircase, her nether region showing the trace of a string as the only means of trying to cover herself. She reached out a hand and stroked Dennis's face and he felt a chill go up his spine at her touch. His cock hardened, wondering what else she might be able to do with those hands.

"He's here for Miranda," Mrs. Thiemann said, a warning in her voice.

"Lucky man," the whore said, removing her hand from his face and allowing Dennis to follow Mrs. Thiemann up the heavily carpeted stairway.

Dennis followed the house mother to the end of the hall, and then stopped when she did. They were outside a door, painted red and she held a hand up to stop him.

"Before we continue, I need to tell you a bit about Miranda, so that you understand."

"I already know about her," Dennis said, his voice growing impatient. "Pete told me. She can't speak and she has no arms and legs. The perfect woman." He snickered as he said that, and then stopped at the look the madam gave him.

"Yes, but I like to let potential suitors know the whole story of how she came to be like this."

Dennis wanted to laugh at the word suitor, but instead he sighed and placing on his face the look of a patient man, waited for Mrs. Thiemann man to continue.

“Miranda was abused all her life. When she married her husband, it was to get away from her father who had raped her off and on since she was young.” Mrs. Thiemann paused her, gauging his reaction. Dennis just stood there. “Her husband did the same thing, only wanting to degrade her. When she tried to run away he cut off her arms and legs and cut her throat. He left her for dead. Obviously she survived but this is the only work she can do now. I realize her appearance may be a shock to some, but she is a human being. She deserves to be respected. That being said, your first session is free. If you decide to come back, Miranda will decide your pay.”

“Is that it,” Dennis asked, ready to enter the room.

“It is,” Mrs. Thiemann said, stepping aside and opening the door.

Dennis entered the room, looking at the lump that lay on the bed. Except for the tits and pussy he wouldn’t have known what she was. The limbless whore looked at him, her eyes dull. Stripping his pants off, Dennis climbed on top of her, sticking his fingers inside to get the juices flowing. The cunt just lay there, not even making a little whimper to let him know if she liked what he was doing, not that it mattered. A man only went to a woman like this for one reason and one reason only.

When she was ready, Dennis stuck his dick in her and started pumping away, grinding himself into her as hard as he could. He was sure he was hurting her, but it felt damn good to him. Without any legs or arms, she was sliding to the top of the bed, her head tilting at an odd angle as it hit the headboard. He enjoyed seeing her mouth open in a silent scream. He wished he could make Brenda shut up like that when he fucked her, instead of bitching at him to do it like this, or not so hard, or are you done yet. Are you done yet? What kind of shit was that to say to your husband when he was trying to get his rocks off?

Her mouth open like that did give him some ideas though. Brenda wouldn’t do it, but this whore was hardly in the position to refuse. Pulling his cock out of her he shoved it in her mouth. He could feel her bucking beneath the heavy weight of his stomach as he thrust it in, pushing it down her throat, but he didn’t relent. He continued to thrust in and out until he came, spurting his cum down her throat. When he climbed off of her, she rolled over and vomited all over the bed.

“That’s gross woman,” Dennis laughed, pulling his pants back on. Then he left, thinking that maybe tonight he might screw Brenda as well.

Pete wasn’t at work the next day, nor all the rest of the week. No one knew where he was. Dennis found this annoying, since he wanted to tell him how he had pounded the shit out of the woman. Then he’d gone home and fucked Brenda’s tits. The weekend was here again and he planned to go have some more fun. When he arrived at the whore house he gave a firm rap on the door. Mrs. Thiemann answered as quickly as she did the last time.

“Oh, you are back.” She sounded pleased. Dennis followed her towards the steps, surprised to see women coming out of the room to watch him as he went up the steps. Were return visitors to Miranda’s room a rarity?

After he finished with the whore, choosing this time to turn her over and hammer her in the ass, he dressed himself and went down stairs. Mrs. Thiemann was waiting for him

“There is the matter of payment,” Mrs. Thiemann said, leading him down another hallway.


“I did say the first session was free, but the second wasn’t.”

“Oh, okay,” Dennis said, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his wallet.

“No, no,” Mrs. Thiemann laughed, “Miranda doesn’t want money.”

“Then what do I pay with?”

Suddenly Dennis found himself being grasped by two burley looking women. They dragged him down the hall towards a door at the end.

“What the hell is this,” Dennis demanded.

“You had the opportunity to treat Miranda with some respect,” Mrs. Thiemann said. “Instead you chose to degrade her. So your payment for your second session is your arms and legs. Miranda says she wants you to keep your voice though, so she can hear you scream.”

“The hell it is,” Dennis yelled, struggling to loosen himself. Twisting his head he saw into a room, the door standing ajar. Dennis’s eyes opened wide at the sight of his friend Peter lying in the bed. His limbs were missing and his mouth was open in a silent scream, a rather large sized woman sitting on top of him and grinding her hips up and down.

“You are right,” the woman screamed over her shoulder to Mrs. Thiemann, “this is the perfect man!”

Then before he could react, the door at the end of the hall was opened and Dennis found himself being shoved into darkness.

Copyright© 2011 Lisa McCourt Hollar. All rights reserved


  1. Oh that was creepy. Well done, taking a subject matter like this and churning it into a horror piece.

  2. Awesome! What an ass, glad Miranda got him back for that! We have to protect our maimed whores.

    Great story Lisa!

  3. Great story, Lisa! Dennis and Peter both got what they deserved. I particularly love the "perfect man" statement. Sweet turnabout!

    Respect should be given to everyone.


  4. Yikes. Yup that was graphic, but very well done. I especially liked (as much as one can "like") the thoughts in his head (the big one) when he's having sex with Miranda the first time (his angry thoughts about Brenda).

    And I grinned at the end when the Mother brought up the matter of payment. But then you took it up a notch by not just cutting off what I assumed they would. Well done.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog