Monday, August 1, 2011

A Post Apocalyptic Game

Let's Play A Game: Post Apocalyptic

Remember playing campfire games when you were young, one person starting it and then the next adding to it?  I have started a story, posted below. Add to it and let's see what we can come up with.

The screams started at dawn, at first, just one, a voice coming from out of the twilight to greet the rising sun. Then others joined, adding their pitch, rising in tempo with each added scream, bouncing off the skyline and echoing throughout the early light.

Those woken by the sound were confused, coming out of a deep sleep, many from dreams where screams filled with such terror seem out of place. These confused dreamers would look out their window to see what could be causing such chaos in their normally quiet town, many staring in disbelief at the scene on the streets, some thinking they were still asleep and had shifted from a nice, quiet dream into a nightmarish hell. Then, after maybe a pinch or two, to test their reality, they would add their voices to the rising crescendo.

On the streets below, the ground littered with corpses, it seemed as though the apocalypse had happened while they slept. Body after body of friends, family, neighbors and government officials, lying side by side in the streets, like some kind of weird triage. Eventually the screams stopped and the questions began...Why were they all in the streets and who had placed them there?

Ok, your turn. Who is going to go first?

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