Friday, September 2, 2011

Once Upon A Friday: A Twitter Tale

Once Upon A Friday there was a fair maiden by the name of @Carolelynngill. She lived in a house on the edge of a marsh known as Blackstone Moor with her two sisters, @LMStull and @Janelle_jensen. The three sisters were tormented by a demon known as @threecifer. He and his minions, @bguglyhryscry and @Fear_In_Words would ascend from the pits of hell, the opening of which was at the center of the marsh.

Diavolino, as the marsh was once called, was home to many dangerous creatures. It had once been the home of a king, @chukkie58 and his queen, @amhairisimpson but then an evil sorceress known as @jen_wylie banished them and sent an evil were rat, @nomar_knight, to rule in their place. Their daughter, @emjenkinson, was forced to stay behind and work as the rat kings skullery maid. The rat king is the one that opened the gate that allowed threecifer and his minions through.

An elf, @MrsDenAsaan also lived in the marsh and had been silently building an army to overtake the rat king. The rodent king had been responsible for the loss of many lives and the elf had decided enough was enough. With the help of a fairy by the name of @Molovelly, she built fearsome militia of dwarves, elves and pink mice. The day had finally come for the coup. MrsDenAsaan stood nervously at the edge of the marsh, waiting for night to fall. The plan was to take the king by surprise.

Unbeknownst to the small army, threecifer had discovered the plan. He hadn't warned his ally though, thinking it best to wait and see how the battle went. He was tired of the rodent king and wanted control of the gate. If the elven army succeeded in their coup, threecifer would bring his own army and over throw the diminutive militia. And so the battle ensued.

@MEverettStone led the rat kings army of were creatures. @jason_mckinney was his second in command. However, the werewolf had fleas and was constantly stopping to scratch. @Klingorengi, a lieutenant in the elven army saw this and pulling a can of pesticide from his pocket, fumigated the beast. The were wolf went down, his lungs aching from the haze of poison, yet grateful he no longer itched.

One by one the rat kings army fell. He had been a cruel king and quite honestly his army didn't put up much of a fight. When the battle was over, @MrsDenAsaan and her followers let out a cheer of victory. Their joy soon faded as they heard another battle cry and realized that threecifer and his hoard of demons were coming through the gate.

Back at the House on Blackstone Moor, Carolelynngill and her sisters were preparing for battle as well. They knew that once their demon tormentors had control of the marsh their lives would be all but over. Better, the sisters had reasoned, to die in battle than to live being ravished by demon spawn. The princess, EMJenkinson had joined them, managing to escape @nomar_knight's hold during the battle with the elves. She had brought along with her,@eriktiger, her stuffed pet and @wyomingbob, a cowboy action figure. Her parents had been hoping for a boy when they commissioned the toymaker to fill their baby's toybox.

The battle between the elves and demons continued all through the night. @Knighttrilogy and @KnightChills managed to push the demon hoard back but then Threecifer had spoken words that would raise the dead. His army of zombies included @jezebelsbody, @zombiesexist and @CreepyWalker. As they neared the house, three sisters and a princess watched nervously from a window, waiting their opportunity to join the fight. Suddenly MoLovelly appeared before them.

The kind fairy waved her wand and the toy tiger and cowboy came to life. Emitting a thunderous roar, ErikTiger leaped through an open window and into the midst of the battle. WyomingBob followed, his lasso already twirling above his head. The demon army laughed at first when they saw the toys coming, their laughter dying as the tiger soared over their heads and landed in front of their commander. The last thing the demon leader saw before his head was chewed off, was the open jaw and two rows of sharp teeth.

WyomingBob threw his lasso around the remaining demon army as the elves, along with the sisters cheered. Dragging them along, Bob, who would forever more be known as Blazing Bob McRob, tossed the demons back through the gate and sealed it.

The gate closed, a bright light appeared and all that were there saw spots before their eyes. @Spot_Speaks, the fairy god mother that had once protected the land until her sister had banished her, had returned home. With a wave of her wand, she returned the former king and queen to their rightful place and reunited them with the princess. The three sisters returned to their home and wrote the tale of what had happened and published it as a fairy tale on kindle, using the pen name @danceauthor. They then created the publishing firm @vamplit and became very famous. They lived happily ever after....or did they?


  1. Lisa, this is too clever! What a unique idea. And I'm so happy that I'm a fairy godmother! Blaze is going to love this!!

    Great work!

  2. Blaze does indeed love this! Woo, hoo! I think this story is great and should become a movie. Blazing Bob McRob the cowboy action figure to the rescue! I am very humbled and can't stop laughing. What an imagination!

    Great flash!

    Thank you, Lisa!


  3. Just saw this!
    I love it. It's so cleverly done.
    Well if a couple of swamp monsters from the moors' bogs called @threeand10 and @angelic_press ate @vamplit--?
    OMG! to be cont'd?!
    seriously, this post is great !!!

  4. I love being a stuffed pet!!! that is fun!! Neat story and well done!

  5. This was the funniest, most clever flash I have ever read! I mean that not just because the kind @klingorengi eased my flea problem but because it was freaking hilariously awesome!!! Do it again! Do it again!

  6. Haha! Awesome. This is very cool. :D

  7. So I'm a wererat, huh. I'm going to have to take some getting tougher classes. A wererat from NY city should put up more of a fight. (Grins). Funny stuff. Write on!

  8. A fun take on including your friends in your stories. Always interesting to see how they like it (especially if I've killed someone off :)

    Hope you had a good weekend.
    Paul D. Dail A horror writer's not necessarily horrific blog