Friday, October 28, 2011

Breaking Olivia

This story is written for the contest on Friday Flash Dot Org. The challenge is to pick a horror movie and write a story, putting the words to the title of the movie into your story. The readers are then to try and figure out what movie that inspired the story. I wrote mine based on the first horror movie I recall watching. I was in 6th grade I believe and the movie has stuck with me ever since. I hope you enjoy, Breaking Olivia.

Breaking Olivia
By Lisa McCourt Hollar

“Stop sniveling girl and take it off.”

Randall waited for the woman to do as told, quickly losing his patience. Reaching for his whip, he lashed it out, taking care to pull before it actually touched the stupid bitch’s face. He liked his women beautiful. Men didn’t pay well for scared flesh, although if it came to it there always was a market among the peasant’s. He could always get a piece of copper out of one of them for a turn in the sac with a member of royalty.

“I suppose you still consider yourself a lady? Might as well get that thought out of your head right now. No one is going to come and rescue you. I doubt your uncle even knows you are missing and even if he does, he wouldn’t know where to look for you.” Randall sneered, pushing his face close to the prissy cunt. Since she chose to cringe and shrink away from him, Randall grabbed her hair, pulling it hard and forcing her to look at him. The whore actually had the nerve to look at him with contempt! Pushing his tongue out of his mouth, Randall licked her face, slowly moving up from her chin to her forehead. He took malicious delight in making her squirm. When he was finished, Randall flung Olivia across the room, knocking her on her prissy little ass.

“Strip her.”

Essie and Elaine didn’t hesitate, rushing across the room to obey their master. They knew the consequences if they didn’t. Elaine’s face bore the proof of his anger and willingness to sell a night with his property to even the lowest bidder.

Olivia fought, reaching out to scratch Essie’s face and kicking Elaine in the stomach when she tried to intervene. Moving behind the woman, Elaine grabbed hold of her arms and pulled them behind her back. “Use the knife.”

Essie pulled a knife from the folds of her smock and ripped Olivia’s gown open. Then she cut the strings to her corset, eventually freeing Olivia’s breasts. Randall sucked in his breath, feeling himself becoming aroused at the sight. He would fetch quite a bit for her, even if she hadn’t been a member of the royal family. First though, he would have to break her spirit. There were ways to do that without scaring.

“Tie her to the bed and then leave us.”

After the women had left, Randall stood over his new prize. Smirking he began to undo his buckle.


Still naked, Olivia huddled in the bed of straw Randall had ordered she be allowed. Dirty, but not ashamed, she looked around her new surroundings. She had always been a scrapper. That is what her Uncle called her, because she would get into fights with the boys, when she should be learning needle work. She was always getting into a tight spot, but always finding a way out. She would find her way out of this cage too. Then she would make Randall pay.

Word Count: 500

Copyright©2011 Lisa McCourt Hollar. All rights reserved.

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  1. Wow, very intense. Sounds like he failed to break her. I hope she pays him back three fold in the end.

    I'll have to think on the movie title for a bit. It seems well hidden as of now. Thanks for playing in our Halloween contest.