Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Calling

This is a short story written by my daughter, Sarah Sprague. Not only is she turning into a talented artist, she is also becoming a talented writer.

The Calling
by Sarah Sprague

It calls, scraping through my temples like nails on a chalkboard. I try to ignore it, but that only makes it worse. The wind picks up, growing stronger until it knocks me to the ground. Scrambling to get up, I look around. Though street lights linger, throwing shadows along the ground, it seems as if all civilization has abandoned me.

Trying to forget the panic turning my stomach to knots, I run for home. Relief! Sweet relief! Seeing the front porch, I begin laughing uncontrollably. Could it be true? Have I beaten it this time?

I hear the call again, this time louder and it feels like a metal baseball bat has crashed through my head. No, not a bat, that would have been kind. This was much worse.

I collapse again, planting my face into the cold, concrete steps. Something in the distance calls. It’s fading, getting further away, along with my memory. Why was I running? I give in.

“Don’t leave me. Please…” Darkness overtakes me.


I wake up, my head pounding. Why does my head hurt so badly? Struggling to remember the night before was a laughable attempt. It wasn’t even worth my time. I know I won’t remember. I never remember anymore. Ever.

Copyright© 2011 Sarah Sprague. Sarah has granted Jezri's Nightmares non-exclusive right to publish this work. All rights reserved.

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  1. Sarah, has a good role model for writing Momma. Creativity is learned as a child and a constant challenge for perfection as an adult