Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shock and Mayhem

Shock and Mayhem
by Lisa McCourt Hollar

As head writer of Trilogy Publications, Morgan enjoyed perks his peers did not. His "True Adventure Tales" meant money in the bank. So what if he embelished the details?
His fans wanted shock and mayhem. That is what Morgan delivered, right up to the very end, where at a company party he "tripped" and fell off the balcony. His suspenders snagged on a loose bolt and his fat ass hung there un-noticed half the night whilst he bled out from the atomic wedgie created from the ass ripping bounce.

His fans wanted shock and mayhem. Even in death, Morgan delivered.

Word Count 200

1 comment:

  1. Not a pleasant visual at all, Lisa! Great story, though! I'm glad I'm not fat and need suspenders.