Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Forbidden Love

My entry for #TuesdayTales is not a horror story, but a love story. Then again, isn't that the way many horror stories begin?

Forbidden Love
By Lisa McCourt Hollar

 “But father, I love him!”
“It is forbidden,” the king roared, his anger causing the walls to vibrate.
Frightened, Princess Alulia fled her father’s chambers. Once safely in her room, she grabbed her one treasure, the locket containing her mother’s image.
Cautiously, she opened her door. She regretted that her father left her no choice but to abscond. Hurrying from the palace, she knew there would be no coming back.
Charles stared in awe at the woman rising from the sea. A simple locket around her neck, she wore nothing else. Forming legs, Alulia, embraced him with the setting sun.

Word Count: 100


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