Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Valentine's Delivery

Bad me! I forgot about the last #DearValentie #BlogChallenge, so I am posting this a day late.

A Valentine’s Delivery
By Lisa McCourt Hollar

Carol lay in the back seat of the car, her legs spread wide while David looked between them at the crowning head.  Pain coursed through her back, the contraction hitting her hard. ”Get this thing out of me!”  Her voice echoed through the countryside, but no one was near enough to hear, except for David, who wished he was anyplace but here at the moment. Hell, it wasn’t even his kid. The slut had slept with everyone in town. Still, it was Valentine’s Day and she had been the only one willing to go out with him after the rumors Jayne had started.
David checked the bars of his cell phone again. Damn, still no reception.
“Carol, please calm down, I’m trying. I mean, they did this themselves in pioneer days, so the baby should just come out.”
Carole bit back a scream and growled, “Get. It. Out. Of. Me.”
David looked again at the area he had been hoping to get a piece of later that night.  Should he be concerned that he found her swollen abdomen sexy?  The top of the head was visible, but something seemed to be wrong. He thought maybe it was stuck.
“Your dad’s a doctor! You have to know something!”
“Hold on a minute.” David went around to the trunk. Opening it, he pulled out his dad’s emergency bag. It was filled with medical supplies and surgical equipment.  “You never know when it might come in handy,” his dad had said.
 David returned to the back seat.  “Carole, the baby is stuck.  I’m going to have to cut it out.”
“What? David…No!”
Closing his eyes, David felt himself harden. This was going to be better than when he gutted Jayne’s dog. Maybe he would still get a piece of the bitch after all.
 Word Count: 300

Copyright© 2012 Lisa McCourt Hollar


  1. Eek... Great job getting into his head and his thought process--very vividly rendered. Sounds like the climax of a cascade of bad decisions on her part.

  2. Oh Jeez! I'm crossing my legs and wincing at the same time - brilliantly sinister and utterly gut churning !