Monday, March 19, 2012

The Campaign Trail

My entry for #MenageMonday

The Campaign Trail
By Lisa McCourt Hollar

The block party went on for miles. The whole town had turned out, which the mayor considered a boon for his campaign. It was just a formality of course. No one had run against him in years.
Filled with confidence, Sam wandered over to Tom Becker’s tent. There was a large crowd and he was curious what the man was selling.  Becker had called him out at the last City Council meeting, accusing him of stealing money from the town.
“If you could prove that,” the mayor had said,  “then I suppose I would be concerned, but we both know you got nothing.”
Sam quietly pushed his way to the front, confused by the hostile looks and angry muttering.  Someone yelled, hey Boogersnots, a nickname no one dared utter in his presence.  Sam started to respond, then stopped, staring at the television  Tom had set up. On the screen, Sally Simmons’ ass was shaking in Sam’s face, a continual loop, while he stuck hundred dollar bills into places money wasn’t meant to go. Next to the television was a sign, Tom Becker For Mayor.  Just like that, Sam’s campaign was ruined, as broke as the broken G-string Sally was wearing.

Word Count: 200


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