Saturday, March 17, 2012

Riding With Strangers

A cautionary tale, written for #SatSunTails.

Riding With Strangers
By Lisa McCourt Hollar

Diana’s mother had always told her not to accept rides from strangers, yet what choice did she have? The rain wasn’t letting up and even with the umbrella, she was getting soaked. A car was coming and she moved closer to the side of the nearly deserted road, hoping to avoid being splashed by a puddle as it pulled up alongside.
“Looks like you need a ride.”
The man wasn’t alone in the car. A woman sat in the passenger seat, eyeing Diana warily.
“My car broke down a few miles back and my damn mobile died on me.”
“Hop on in. We’ll give you a ride back to town.”
“Darren, I’m not sure…”
“It will be fine,” Darren said. “Besides, she’s wet, we can’t leave her.”
Diana opened the door, smiling her gratitude. The headlights from a passing car bounced off the door, reflecting burning eyes.  Diana fingered the knife hidden in her hand. 

Word Count: 155


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