Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for...Ewah

Day 5 of the A to Z Blog Challenge brings us to E…
E is for Ewah.
 Local Legend
By Lisa McCourt Hollar

Sighing with relief, April turned onto the long winding drive that led to the cabin she and Chad were leasing for the weekend. Chad was sleeping in the passenger seat and the young girl nudged him awake, not too gently either as she hit a giant pot hole in the stone road.
“Holy shit,” Chad yelled, bumping his head on the window.
“Sorry,” April sighed warily, pulling up to the cabin and putting the car in park. “We’re here.”
“Looks like we have company,” Chad said, nodding towards the porch where a teenage girl sat. She appeared to be Native American and wore her hair in braids. She stood up when the car pulled up and looked around nervously.
“Awesome,” Chad grumbled, “you didn’t tell me we were going to be entertained by the locals.”
“I about gave up on you and went home,” the girl said, as the two stepped out of the car and stretched their limbs.
“We stopped a few times,” April laughed. “You are…”
“Here to give you the keys. Grandmother doesn’t like to leave the door unlocked and she says leaving the key under a rock just invites thieves. But I would have if you’d been much longer.”
Not liking the stink eye the girl was giving him; Chad popped the trunk and began unloading their bags while April talked to the brat. This trip was her idea anyway; she could take care of the details.
“Beautiful place,” April said, admiring the view. “I’ve always wanted to visit Tennessee. I’m not sure we have any place this breathtaking in Ohio. I’m surprised your grandmother is leasing it so cheap.”
“Not too many people stupid enough to stay here.”
“Excuse me?”
“I think she’s calling us stupid,” Chad said, walking past with his arms loaded down.
“It’s going to be dark soon,” the girl said, turning to go, then stopped and looked at April thoughtfully. “It’s not too late; you still have time to change your mind.”
“Why would we leave?”
“Because of the Ewah.”
“Ewaks,” Chad laughed, “those fury little critters from Star Wars?”
“Ewah, demon spirit that eats human flesh. It hunts in these woods.”
“Awesome,” Chad said.
“No, not awesome, but you will see, if you survive the night. My brother saw the Ewah once. It stole his soul.”
“Awesome times two,” Chad laughed.
“I’ve read about the Ewah,” April said. “It is believed that the sight of him will drive you insane.”
“Is that what happened? Is your brother crazy?”
“Chad don’t,” April said, wishing that for once he would mind his manners. Why did she want to make this relationship work so bad anyways?
“This was a good deal,” he said instead, sarcasm dripping heavily, “I’m so glad I let you talk me into this trip. Fresh mountain air, no cell towers and a demon that wants to steal my soul. Nothing sells better than a good, local legend.”
“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.” There was a cracking sound somewhere in the woods and a flock of birds took to the air, their frantic chirping sending chills down April’s spine. Looking nervously into the thicket, the other girl took off, as though running from Satan himself.
“Would you like another piece of pie?”
“Nope,” Chad said, holding his cell phone in the air. He’d been trying for hours to get a signal, but when April wanted to get him alone, she didn’t play around. Frustrated, he tossed his phone onto the table and gave his girlfriend an appraising look. “You probably shouldn’t have a second piece either. You’re getting a bit thick in the middle.”
“Um, yeah…about that, there’s something we need to talk about.”
“If it’s that thing with Meghan, it’s over. I don’t know how many times I can say I’m sorry.”
“No, it’s not that.” April took a deep breath and opened her mouth to tell Chad she was pregnant when a loud screech came from outside.
“What the hell was that,” Chad said, nearly jumping out of his seat.
“I don’t know.” April looked out the window. She thought she saw something moving by the woods. “Chad, something is out there.”
“Oh don’t be so spooked. It’s probably a raccoon.”
April continued to stare out the window. Whatever was out there seemed to be moving on two legs towards the cabin. “Chad…” Her voice was shaking.
“Oh good grief, April did that Indian girl get you spooked?”
“Chad, it’s coming this way!”
“It? Let me see.” Chad pushed his girlfriend out of the way and looked through the window. The shape he saw moving in their direction stood upright, but moved as though it were more accustomed to walking on four legs. “Good Lord, that thing must be close to ten feet…a bear maybe?”
Another screeching sound, a combination of a howl, a scream and a moan caused April to jump. “Chad, is the door locked?”
“It’s a bear. Last I checked, bears can’t open doors.”
“Tell the bear that,” April screamed.
Something was banging on the door and the wood around the frame splintered. Then it stopped and a scraping sound ran along the side of the cabin, towards the window. Terrified, April backed away. A second later glass spilled into the room, followed by a face with glowing red eyes. The Ewah looked into Chad’s eyes, slime dripping from its mouth, then reached through the window and cut his head off with one swipe of his claw. Picking the head up, it took a bite out of Chad’s cheek. Chewing loudly, blood dribbling over its lips, the demon made grunting sounds, pleased with the taste. When the Ewah was done, it ripped Chad’s arm off and began tearing the flesh with his teeth.  Frozen in place, April felt her mind snap.

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  1. Compellingly written and I love your mastery of monsters, but have to admit horror still isn't my genre. Awesome use of Ewah though, and great structure from set-up to pay-off.