Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places

Letter I today in the A to Z Blog Challenge. Just a warning: I is for Incubus, so the story contains sexual content.

So, what is an Incubus? It is a male demon that comes to a woman, usually while sleeping, for the purpose of having sex. Sometimes the coupling is consensual, though not usually. One would have to be insane to summon a demon, but in my research for my story I have discovered that there are indeed some women that would like to have this kind of encounter. Takes all kinds, huh? Also, once summoned, the only way to send them away, you know, like if you realize how crazy it was to want to have relations with a demon, is if you completely, 100% want it gone...meaning you harbor not even a slim desire to be debased each and every night.

Warning: Birth control a must. Pregnancy is possible and I don't think you want to be known as the woman that brought the anti-christ into the world. Yes, that's right, you can become pregnant with a little cambion, as the demon child is known.

Conveniently, an incubus has been known to take on the form of someone you know, such as in the case of a nun attacked and raped by a prelate. The Bishop claimed it wasn't the cleric, it was an Incubus disguised as the church official. The church accepted this explanation and the prelate was cleared of any wrong doing. (Try claiming that in court.)

Women, this can work for you. Did your husband have his little, (or big) man snipped and you find yourself with child? Tell him it was an Incubus. I'm sure he'll believe you!

Another warning! Sex with a demon may result in death. If you discover your lover is an incubus, (or men, a succubus,) contact your local exorcist.

Now, on with the story.
Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places
By Lisa McCourt Hollar

“Please don’t go.”
“Laura, what’s wrong?” Taking her sister’s hand, Brenda sat back down, concerned by her behavior. Laura had been on pins and needles all night.
Laura paused, trying to decide what to say, then shook her head and laughed. “It’s just that this night has gone by too fast. We hardly ever spend any time with each other anymore.”
“Is that all?”
“Yes,” Laura said, her voice shaking. “You know, I’m being silly. Go on, you have to be to work early. Maybe we can get together next weekend.”
“Oh, I’m going to be out of town….maybe the weekend after that?”
“Maybe,” Laura said weakly.  Hugging her sister goodbye, Laura watched from the door as Brenda got in her car and then drove off. Turning, she felt the air in her small apartment change. He was there. She knew it, even though she couldn’t see him.
Locking the door, she almost laughed at the irony. What danger was she worried about keeping out, when the most frightening being she knew was already inside?
Laura walked through the apartment, turning on all the lights. While her sister was there, she had almost forgotten the nightmare she faced every night. Now, every shadow made her jump, even though she knew his attack wouldn’t come so directly. She also knew he wouldn’t be put off.
That didn’t stop her from trying. Running water in the sink, she washed the dishes she and Brenda had dirtied. She missed her sister. They only lived a few blocks apart, but Brenda’s job kept her busy. She was always out of town. A breeze on the back of her neck and a light wisp across her cheek startled her and she broke the glass she was washing. Blood flowed from a cut in her finger and Laura grabbed a towel to hold against it. Another breeze brushed her face, lifting her hair. She felt a light stroke as invisible fingers caressed her breasts.
“Go. Away.”
She felt the pressure increase and tried not to moan when he squeezed a nipple, through her blouse. “Please, stop.”
He did. Laura’s heart was hammering and her knees felt weak. She knew he wasn’t gone, just giving her time to get ready for him. Numbly, she headed for the shower. How had she ever thought that she wanted this? Turning on the hot water, she stood beneath the flow, the scalding water turning her skin red. Had it only been a week since she summoned him? It seemed like a lifetime since she lit the candles in her bedroom and chanting the spell her friend had given her, called him to her.
He had been insatiable and so had she, allowing him to take her in every room. For two days she’d lain with him as he did things to her no man had ever done. It was both thrilling and frightening. Then on the third day, she woke to a new presence. The creature was sitting on her chest, red eyes staring into hers. His fingers snaked around her throat and squeezed, tightening until she couldn’t breathe. Then he laughed and rose from her, revealing his cock, which was sharp and double pronged. He raped her, driving his deformed member into her. All the while she felt him near, watching, Obayifo, her lover. Another came after that, taking bites out of her flesh while he spilled his seed inside of her. There were more than twenty that copulated with her that night. She cried at the beginning, begging Obayifo to make them stop, but the attacks continued until near the end, she just lay there, broken.
The next night she chanted a new spell, one to send the demon away, but he still came. He came every night and even during the day, if he so desired. Sometimes he brought friends.  One of them was the father of the child she now carried.

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  1. Disturbing, but I still liked it. Nicely written!

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