Monday, November 5, 2012

The Curses Hold

Written for #MondayMixer

The Curses Hold
By Lisa McCourt Hollar


Isolated from the tundra covering most of the Earth, a small estuary guarded that which the King held most dear, his daughter, Petunia. The Princess’ life was euphoric, her tower a skyscraper to rival that of Babylons, protected her from an evil magic. Petunia’s life was peaceful until the harbinger of death entered her dreams. Disguised as a piglet, the creature snorted his warnings that her days were numbered. In the morning she could see that the waves were growing smaller, her inlet becoming more shallow.
Her day passed and she wondered about her former life and the maladroit reasoning her father had used to send her away. One day while weeding her garden, a perfunctory task that no longer brought joy, her finger was pricked by a thorn among the verbena. Falling into a deep sleep, she heard the distant laugh of the wizard she had refused to marry.

Word Count: 150

I used all 9 words, proving that I am a show-off (he told me it couldn’t be done,) and thus being eligible for the Over Achiever award. You only needed to use 5 words. He should know by now not to tell me something couldn’t be done.



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  1. Yeah, he so should know not to dare you!! You to, Mrs. Overachiever!!

    I love this story, and the idea of a prophetic piglet will keep me giggling all week!! :)