Thursday, January 10, 2013


Written for #ThursThreads

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

Feet In Chains

“The first time that I met her was in the woods.”
Jarrod kept his voice low, watching the woman on the beach. Her ankles were in chains and the tide was coming in.
“So what’s the plan?” Thomas asked.
“No plan. Night is coming and there’s a full moon.” Jarrod chuckled. “They’re in for a surprise.”
The group taunted Ashley, throwing rocks at her. One hit her face, splitting her lip. It was Tanya. Ashley stared at her through bangs that covered her eyes and grinned.
“I don’t blame you for hating me,” she said, her voice growing husky, “but your husband tried to rape me…”
“Liar!” Tanya threw another rock. This one hit her in the stomach.  “You killed him!”
“And drank his blood,” Ashley growled, covering her stomach with her hands. “It nourished my child… as will yours.”
“You are a monster!”
“You have no idea.”
“Did she just say, her child?” Jarrod shifted his weight, ready to run out and defend her, even though he knew she was capable and the sun had not yet gone down. He was safe in the shadows but even in the waning sun, he would burn.
“Is it possible… it’s never been heard of before?” Thomas looked worried.
The sun finally fell and the moon began it’s slow rise, but Ashley didn’t have to wait. With a roar that deafened those around her she shifted. Loosening the beast, Ashley fed, careful to save two for her vampire lover and his friend.

Word Count: 250


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