Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Series of Mistakes

Written for Stuffed Olives Zombie Flash Fiction Contest

A Series of Mistakes
By Lisa McCourt Hollar


Johnny Thompson was one of those jocks that thought he was God’s gift to the girls of South Kingston High. Gorgeous, bleach blond hair, teeth that could light up a room in the dark… Gads, I hated him. But I was the head cheerleader. I was expected to date him. But that didn’t mean I had to boff him.
Johnny thought otherwise. He drove me out to the middle of Bumfuck Egypt, unzipped his pants and tried to force my face down into his lap. He told me, “Either suck it or walk home.” I walked. That’s when I met Troy.
I’d seen him before. He was never very good with a comb, his clothes always ratty… he had that dead look about him, probably because he was dead. Texting and driving is never a good idea. I turned to run but Troy wasn’t alone. Half of South Kingston Cemetery was with him. Not doing Johnny and walking home, not my best idea either.
They didn’t eat my brains, which is why I came back. It happened quickly. I was stumbling around, feeling hungry when I saw Johnny. The idiot had run out of gas. He thought I had changed my mind when I climbed in through the open top. When I went down he knew his mistake.
My mistake was thinking his brains were in his pants. Now Johnny thinks he is Death’s gift to the girls of South Zombie High. Gads I hate him.
Word Count: 246

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  1. Ahahha! Lisa!
    Oh dear... I'm laughing and shaking my head at the same time. GROSS!
    Thank you for entering! xxx