Monday, July 15, 2013


This is written for #MondayMixer

I have to use one word from each category, but I can use 5 or more to be eligible for the over achiever award. I have used 7. (Sorry, I tried for 9, but I must be off my game.)

Things:         1) shandygaff   2) panacea      3) obloquy

Verbs:           1) protract       2) gambol         3) flense

Adjectives:   1) mingy          2) tortuous       3) nascent

By Lisa McCourt Hollar

Belinda smirked as she watched Eliza wave at John. Clueless, the girl moved to greet the man that Belinda had lay claim too. Her mistake. Belinda protracted a leg, tripping Eliza, who spilled her shandygaff on Elizabeth Barrett’s poodle.
“You mingy, little bitch,” Eliza said, turning on Belinda. “You did that on purpose!”
“Eliza… I’m… I’m sorry. I swear…”
“Spare me the tortuous explanation,” Eliza said, “he’s not yours and never will be.”
Belinda frowned. Everyone was watching to see how she would respond. “I’m sorry you think I would do anything to hurt you. I hoped we could be friends.” Then she stepped forward and whispered, “Back off, or I’ll flense the skin from your bones.” Then she smiled and stepped back, running her tongue across her nascent canines. Her stomach rumbled. She so hoped Eliza wouldn’t heed her warning. Her blood might be the panacea for her hunger.
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  1. Neither of them sound too nice, they deserve each other, pity the poor guy they have set their sights on.

  2. Never fight over a man! lol! I'm just glad I'm not in the room. Great!