Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Wolf

Wow, this is two weeks in a row I wrote for #ThursThreads... but I won last week so I have to give it another try.
The Wolf

It was born at midnight, all teeth and fur… and hungry for blood. It climbed from its mother’s belly after having eaten through her womb. Even then it was hungry, so it picked her bones free. Watching the creature, Kylee reached out to pet it, but Nanna slapped her fingers back.
“Leave it alone.”
Kylee watched the creature feed and then studied its mother. Tara had been her sister. Kylee had been jealous when she’d been chosen for the Quickening. To be the mother of the wolf god was an honor. Tara hadn’t thought so. She’d screamed while its seed was planted.
When it was done eating, the creature looked at Kylee, growling slightly. Kylee felt something stir inside of her. It sniffed at her, sticking its nose close to her sex. Then Nanna shoed it away.
Kylee watched it leave, disappointed. “Will it come back?”
“When it reaches the end of its life it will return to choose a new vessel.”
“So he can be reborn.” Kylee felt the yearning again, a combination of fear, hope and desire. 
“By then you will be very old. You will be Nanna.
Kylee looked crestfallen. “Oh.”
“Don’t be so disappointed, child. The wolf only exists when the moon is full and then it must feed. You do not want him here those nights.”
“And the other nights?”
“He will take another form, one more pleasing than the wolf, though no more tame and sometimes more dangerous. Those nights he is a man.”

Word Count: 250


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