Monday, September 16, 2013

The Vagaries of a Ruler

This is written for MondayMixer. The words are:

Things:          1) shank         2) vagary          3) demijohn

Verbs:           1) glint            2) entreat          3) elucidate

Adjectives:   1) louche        2) draconian      3) solicitous

All words have to be used as shown, except for the verbs. I have used all nine and am submitting for the Overachiever award, because I am a showoff.

The Vagaries of a Ruler
“It is your solicitous nature that put her onto you.”
Yi laughed. “Okay, let me elucidate things for you, my dear wife, our Empress prefers her men to be more…louche.”
Jiao snorted. “The vagaries of our ruler are well known, as is her hunger.  Please…” she took his hands, her eyes entreating him to stay.
Yi shook his head, dismissing her concerns. “One does not simply refuse our ruler. Her punishments are draconian. If I fail to show she is likely to kill me. Then serve my head for dinner.
“She’ll eat you anyway… one way or another.”
 The Empress poured him a drink from a demijohn. As he drank, she looked him over. Yi was relieved she seemed pleased.  Then he saw the glint of hunger in her eyes and felt the bitter aftertaste of  poison. He was wrong though, it was his right shank she served for dinner.

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