Monday, October 17, 2016

Never Get Involved With The Living

     A brief history since I don't always write in order and I tend to ntroduce characters or story lines that are connected to previous stories. Max and Trina are vampires I have written about before. The Covenant is a agreement between James, a Vampire leader in another set of stories, who believes Vampires still have souls and can be saved, and a priest at a local church. The Covenant says No Vampire in their Coven is to take a human life or make any new vampires. James Coven lives in Graystone Manor and nor everyone is happy with the agreement. His daughter Linda, for one. Max and Trina are not a part of his Coven. James leaves them be, as long as they don't start piling up bodies.

      Never Get Involved With The Living

     The house was engulfed in flames. He had seen the man who started it; recognized him even. A local politician who had set his sights on the White House. Max imagined arson wouldn't help his portfolio. Neither would a pregnant mistress, one who was threatening to expose their affair by insisting on having the child. Well, if she was dead, she couldn't talk.

     Max started to follow the politician. He was hungry and the blood of the homeless he had been feeding on tasted sour. A rich politician would be a luxury, and unlike the down and out, he wouldn't need to be careful how much he took; he wouldn't feel guilty if this guy died. The media would have a hay day, but he would make it look like a robbery ... maybe a drug buy gone bad.

     The screams of the woman though__she was still alive. Max tried to ignore it. He tried to leave, to go after the politician. The woman wouldn't live for long ... not unless ...

     Don't get involved with the living. It was his motto and it had always served him well. The few times he had ignored his rule had always ended up driving the point. Still ... the baby she carried, it also might be a tasty treat. If he hurried and got to the woman before she died. It would make a nice gift for Trina. They hadn't had anything that tender since the New Years fiasco with Jayne. The baby would die anyway, so he doubted James would object if he found out ... and if he did, so what? He hadn't agreed to the Covenant.

     That's what he told himself as he walked into the flames. Things went a bit differently than he planned.


     "She's burnt," Trina said when Max lay the woman on the table. "Her blood will be charred.

     "She's not food."

     "Then why did you bring her here?"

     The woman moaned and turned her head. Trina saw the mark on her neck; two small pinpricks against healing skin.

     "Never get involved with the living," Trina scolded. Max almost laughed. Trina was older than he was by several hundred years, but she looked to be a pouty ten year old. Usually it was Max who did the scolding, and Trina who ignored the golden rule of the dead. Don't get involved with the living. To do so risked exposure. But he and Trina were both here because someone had gotten involved with them ... had saved their lives, if saving was the correct word.

     "Technically, she isn't alive. Not anymore."

     Trina felt the woman's belly. "It's still alive."

     "And thriving," Max agreed. "An interesting turn of events."

     "What about James?"

     "We aren't a part of the Covenant. Besides, we didn't kill the baby, it's still alive."

     "You turned the woman though."

     "Again, we aren't part of the Covenant."


     Her name was Margo. She wasn't sure if she was grateful Max had saved her. All she thought about was Julius and how he had tried to murder her, and not just her, but her child. At first she felt despair. She wanted to die. If Julius didn't love her__and it was obvious he didn't __then what was there to live for? She watched him on TV. He was the front runner, The People's favorite. He lied to them with the ease of a seasoned politician, his wife by his side, smiling. She had every reason to smile. Julius hadn't poured gasoline over her drugged body and set her on fire.

     Margo felt the baby move. She'd been 3 months when she told Julius. He'd wanted her to have an abortion. That was out of the question. She was an adulterer, but not a murderer. As her baby began to grow, despite the fact that Margo no longer had a beating heart, or blood flowing through her veins, her despair turned to revenge. She didn't know what kind of a baby she would give birth to, but it was hers ... and for better or worse, Julius'. She would make him regret trying to get rid of them.

     Not until she completely healed though. Max had given her life when he turned her, but the burns to her skin were severe. They were healing, but slowly. The baby was taking its nutrients from her, inhibiting the healing process. Newly turned vampires were usually strong, at least that's what Max and Trina told her, but the baby was taking most of the healing energy for itself. Margo was ok with that. Her baby was alive, that's all that mattered.

     "Don't you ever get tired of watching him?" Trina asked.

     "He's going to be campaigning here next week," Margo said. "I think I might go."

     "Is that a good idea?"

     "Probably not. I won't talk to him." Margo paused, a smile forming on her face. "I want him to see me though. I want him to know I'm not gone."

     The baby moved inside of her. Margo was sure he approved.


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