Monday, November 29, 2010

The Horror On Drurry Lane

In keeping with my Christmas theme, here is a different kind of a horror, The Horror On Drurry Lane.  Oh, that Muffin Man is an evil little troll.

Gingy clung to her sisters as the huge man towered over them. Licking his swollen lips, he had a gleam in his eyes and smiled, almost joyfully as he listened to the screams of her youngest sister, Candy. Only moments ago they had thought the man harmless, willingly going with him when he had approached the trio, inquiring as to their price. His smile had fooled them and Candy had giggled as this huge teddy bear of a man had pulled her into his arms. He’d stroked her face with his hand and Gingy had watched with longing, wanting him to touch her the same way. Then so quickly that none of the sisters realized what he was about to do, he plucked Candy’s eyes right out of her head and popped them into his mouth, his eyes closing blissfully as he chewed his stolen treat. He was done now and staring at them, as though deciding what horrific thing he was going to do next.
Shuddering, Gingy realized he was reaching for her and tried to shrink back, attempting to evade his meaty grasp. His smile widened as he grabbed her arm, twisting and breaking it. As she screamed in agony the fat man chortled, his jolly laugh seeming out of place, considering the horror of his actions.

She screamed again as he twisted her leg, snarling out a “Ho” as her leg broke with a snap and a crunch... Somehow his word came out as a booming laugh. The man was enjoying himself.

Gingy closed her eyes, cursing the life she and her sisters had been sold into. If only they had listened to their mother when the smiling man had come to take them from their home. She had told them to run and hide, but Gingy had convinced her sisters that life outside their small home would be an adventure. Ignoring their mother’s pleas they had left.

The man was a business man and had promised the girls good work on Drury Lane. He’d dressed them up and put them on display, promising their services to the highest bidder. He was a good sales man, promising his customers whatever they wanted. “Come on,” he’d said to one in particular. “You always get the same muffins. I got a couple a new cookies here that you are going to love. Just give them a try.”

Gingy had enjoyed the looks this would be customer had given her and had sought to entice him, wanting to be chosen. And chosen she had been, along with her sisters, by this seemingly harmless old man. He had smiled at the sisters with such longing that Gingy had hoped he could meet their price. Now she would pay anything to be back home in her mother’s arms.

Pulling her towards him, the man licked Gingy’s lips, lustfully tasting the frosting slathered across her lips. Gingy whimpered, closing her eyes and wishing him away from her. His tongue continued to caress her lips and then her neck. He paused a moment, breathing in her scent, then flicked his tongue out once more, tasting her fear. Gingy cringed at the feel of his tongue, repulsed. Suddenly her eyes popped open as she felt his teeth sink into her delicate throat. Shocked, she gasped trying to fathom what had just happened. The fat pig had taken a chunk out of her!

Feeling violated in the worst way Gingy opened her mouth in a silent scream as she felt his tongue exploring the inside of her neck, his saliva oozing into her wound. She tried to beg him to stop, but the words wouldn't come. Tearfully she prayed to whatever god's she thought would listen and for a moment she thought her prayers had been heard. The man had stopped and for a brief minute she thought he was done and that maybe he would leave her and her sisters. Her eyes closed, she held her breath, pushing him away with her mind. She listened to his heavy breathing, waiting for it to fade as he moved away, but then she heard him chuckle again and realized he wasn't finished with her. She felt his tongue sliding up her leg as he chortled another “Ho,” and then bit into her thigh, taking most of it away with him. And still she couldn't scream.

After a time the shock began to wear off, or maybe she was just beginning to go into shock, but she could hear muffled screams coming from beside her. Rolling her eyes to the side she saw Sugar being held in place by the man's fleshy hand. To her horror half of Sugar's face was missing, her eyes beginning to glaze over. The word that Sugar kept screaming over and over finally began to make sense and as she heard her screaming Candy's name Gingy rolled her eyes back up, following Sugar's stare. Candy or at least Candy's arm was hanging out of the creature’s mouth! Then with a slurp the last of her sister disappeared and was ground up by the man/creatures teeth.

Before Gingy had a chance to react, to register in her mind what had happened, the man pulled Sugar to him, finishing off the rest of her head and then arms, legs and everything else. Numb, Gingy just lay there, waiting for him. Smiling, the man turned his eyes back to her and chuckled again, another booming "Ho!" Then pulling her towards him she watched as his great maw opened revealing razor sharp teeth. Gingy felt pain as he bit into her and then nothing as she joined her sisters.

"Well, what do you think?" The smiling man asked. "Didn't I tell you I had a coupl’a sweet cookies for you?"

"Ho ho ho!" The man laughed. "Those were the best cookies I've ever tasted. Almost seemed criminal to eat them."

"So you'll give me your endorsement?"

"You betcha! You can spread the word that Santa Claus loves your cookies. They may even sing you a new song!"

"You think so?"

"Sure sure. How about this... Do you know the cookie man, the cookie man, the cookie man...?

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  1. Oh this was creepy! I'll never look at Santa in the same way again!