Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Miser Wife

A Nursery Rhyme I have written, inspired by the morbid rhymes written about past killers.  My rhyme is about a fictional murderess, Penny, who killed her children to feed her husband, boiling all but their little toes, which she made into a necklace.  She was wearing the necklace when she was arrested.

The Miser Wife
by Lisa McCourt Hollar 

Penny, Penny, the miser wife,
Killed her children ‘neath the knife.
She cooked them in a pot of stew
And served them with a vat of brew.

 When her husband consumed his meal,
 Then the truth she did reveal.
 Her husband cried and gnashed his teeth,
 His father’s heart seized by grief.

Silent, silent, shushed his wife,
Killing her husband ‘neath her knife.
She cut his tongue to stop his cries,
Their marriage ending with his demise.

They hung her ‘neath the hangman’s tree,
Though her evil soul still roams free.
Hunting the child that survived that night,
Hiding from her, silent wit fright.

Hide, hide, from the miser wife,
Lest you die beneath her knife,
Don’t let her hear your cries of woe,
Or she’ll take your little toe.

Copyright© 2011 Lisa McCourt Hollar.  All rights reserved.


  1. Love the picture! Love the rhyme. I do think maybe you need a stanza about her making the toes into a necklace though. Other than that...evil genius!


  2. Love it! I can see a mother telling this to her kiddie to make him behave or the Miser's Wife will get'em.

    Hmmm Ohhhh Son, I gots a story for you :P
    Please stop by http://gldiatorspen.blogspot.com :)

  3. this is awesome... well versed... may i post this on the fright club? you get full creds and link backs...

  4. You certainly may! I am never one to turn down free publicity, lol.

  5. CREEPY!! Love it! Oh so scary and icky and lovely... nice job!

  6. wow, that's terrific. i love it. you know a little book of these sort of poems would be great! eh?
    Very good!

  7. *applauds* Ya know I had Lizzy Borden melodies singing through my head. I'm tweetin this!

  8. fanbloodytastic - grew up on Ruthless Ryhmes and the original Grimms Fairy Tales - mother's milk to me - what happened to the toes was looking foward to hearing how the graced her neck!

  9. I may need to come up with a toes verse, lol. Check back later.