Friday, December 23, 2011

Eleventh Day of Creepfest

On the Eleventh Day of Creepfest, My True Love Gave To Me

Eleven Vampires Lunching
Ten Trolls a Trolling
Nine Ghouls a Haunting
Eight Witches Brewing
Seven Psychos Slashing
Six Demon Soldiers
Five Creepy Dolls!
Four Werewolves Howling
Three French Fried Eyeballs
Two Corpses Walking
And a Zombie Hanging From A Christmas Tree

It has been a busy and stressful week. I missed my last 2 posts, but I still have several contests going. There is still time to win an autographed copy, (my autograph) of Satan’s Toybox: Demonic Dolls and also one of Satan’s Toybox: Toy Soldiers. (When it comes out.) If you do win and don’t feel comfortable giving out an address to have the book mailed to, you can opt to receive the e-book instead, but since I don’t have kindlegraph, it will not be autographed. Click on the links to enter each one.

I am also giving away 5 copies of The Massacre Before Christmas and Other Cryptmas Tales and a $15.00 Amazon Gift Card. Rules are here.

Now, a short story.


by Lisa McCourt Hollar

"Contrary to popular belief, angels come in all shapes and sizes, with all kinds of wings."

The words echoed in my head, over and over as I fell. Tia's voice had always been like music. Now it sung to me like a choir of angels and I laughed...or would have if I wasn't currently screaming on my way to the hard concrete below.

My plummet down the rabbit hole came as a result of my being overly curious. I just had to follow Linda and find out what she was up to. The resulting confrontation had resulted in my being thrown from the top of Graystone Manor.

"It seems curiosity does kill the cat."

This voice was deep, cutting through my thoughts like a serrated knife. I recognized Lucus, Linda's lover. How long was this free fall going to take and was it going to be subject to every weirdo I had met, since discovering Jayne was alive?

My best friend. A vampire! And me, a Spirit Glider. At least that is what Tia said. And her request for my assistance to help protect this strange world that connected to the real world had led me to Graystone Manor.

But I was just a human. I can't protect anyone. Sage was wrong. I couldn't be a Glider.

"Sage, believe."

Tia's voice broke my paralysis. What she said was impossible. But so was what she was. So maybe I could...

And just like that I stopped falling...and I flew.

Word Count: 250

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  1. Great post! :)
    I also love your 12 days #Creepfest countdown.
    Hope you have a calm and happy Christmas!
    - Kim
    creeping from "Wrestling the Muse"