Monday, January 2, 2012

Prophesy Revealed

Prophesy Revealed
Lisa McCourt Hollar
Gina fell backwards, her head hitting the floor with a sickening crack. The chair she tripped over crashed to the floor next to her, a shard of the wood from a splintered leg lodging into her arm. Gina didn't feel it. Instead, her focus was on the maw of the zombie that was leaning towards her. She recognized the thing as Thom Benson. He was still dressed in the Santa costume he had worn to the company Christmas party.
Damn, that was four days ago. How had she missed him. She had thought she'd cleared the building of all the dead and not so dead.
"Sorry Thom, but my brain is not fuel for a zombie's soul." Pulling the splintered leg from her arm, Gina drove the wood through Thom's eye.
After she bashed his head with the rest of the chair, Gina made her way to the calander that had been drawn on the dry erase board. Puttin an X through the 28 she noted that there were only a few more days of the year left. It looked like the Mayan's might have been off by a year.
Word Count: 190
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