Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Beginning Of A Dream

The Beginning Of A Dream
by Lisa McCourt Hollar

Fireworks exploded across the sky, captivating a young Benny Russell. Around him, other people of different colors watched the array, filling him with hope. It was New Years Eve, 1933 and Benny was just beginning his career as a writer. His eyes moved passed the fireworks and towards the stars. Among the conglomerate, Benny dreamed of a space station, commanded by a black man, unthinkable in 1933. In his mind, the story was begun.

Captain Benjamin Sisko stared at the array of lights created by the wormhole opening. For a moment he thought he saw a young man staring back.

Word Count: 100

Happy Birthday DS9! Thank you for the wonderful dream!

This is my entry for Tuesday Tales. You can read the other great entries at http://www.glitterword.wordpress.com/2012/01/03/tuesdaytales-22-happy-new-year/


  1. Lovely story, Lisa. I remember the fifties even, when prejudice still reared its ugly head. Very sad. There is no reason for it.


  2. No there isn't. The story that took place on DS9 with Benny was in 1955 and there was the confusion between what was real...the dreamer, or the dream. Benny was hauled away to the looney bin. But his story is one of my favorites. It is Roddnberry's dream and one day we will be there. :-)