Wednesday, January 25, 2012


by Lisa McCourt Hollar

"FUCK!" Dannielle struggled, trying to free her tangled hair from the bush she was caught in. "Fuck, fuck, fuckety fuck! Angels and demons, somebody help me," she growled, regretting it when the blunt end of Mark's cane rapped her thigh.

"Such language," he scolded. Slipping his cane under her smock, Mark moved the coarse material away from her neck.

"All the forces in the Universe can't help you now." Kissing her softly, chills ran down Danielle's spine. For a moment she forgot why she'd ran. "I told you, resistance was futile," he breathed, before ripping her open with his teeth.

Word Count: 100

Written for the Humpday Challenge. More entries can be found at

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