Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Adoption

The Adoption
by Lisa McCourt Hollar

"No doubt it's a murder."

"Are you sure?" I leaned over, inspecting the body.

"Unless you can come up with another explanation to Anne's insides being strung across the room.""

I couldn't. Sighing, I straightened up. I knew Tanya hadn't liked Anne, but this went beyond anything I imagined my daughter capable of.

"It's my fault. Tanya told me she hated Anne, but I didn't listen."

"It's not your fault." Tom placed an arm around my shoulder, trying to lead me away. He was whispering something along the lines of my being a good mother, this was Tanya's doing, not mine. I didn't hear him. Tanya's words to me echoed in my head.

"I don't want her! Take her away!"

"Tanya, the adoption papers have been signed. We can't take her back."

"Then I will get rid of her!"

I hadn't believed her. I thought that with time, she would grow to love Anne. Stepping further into the room, I felt my foot slip. Catching myself, I lifted my shoe. Anne's blue eye looked up at me. Tanya had cut it out.

The front door slammed shut, followed by feet pounding up the steps. Startled to find us in her room, Tanya stopped short, staring at Anne's body and then back at me.

"I don't understand you..." My voice choked.

"Oh good grief mom, she's just a stupid doll. Maybe next time, you'll buy me a baseball bat for my birthday and I will get you a doll for your's"

Word Count: 250

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  1. How do they say it? This is too twisted for color TV! I so wish i could write like this! Love, love, love it.