Friday, October 26, 2012


Written for #DiabolicalDeeds

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By Lisa McCourt Hollar
Zagan stood over the putrid worm that had dared challenge his right to rule. The fetid minion looked up at his master, fear in his eyes, as it should be.
“Please forgive me,” he whimpered, his pathetic whine irritating Zagan. The faintest of an idea whispered in his head.
“What is it?” Chrone asked, his voice fearful of the zoic blob his master handed him.
“Her name is Zymosis, a gift from Pestilence.”
The creature shifted in Chrone’s hand, exploring his palm. The demon giggled. “It tickles…” he began, but then his laughter turned to screams as his hand dissolved.

Word Count: 100


  1. I don't know how you pack so much into 55 words, lady!


  2. Ah, well this one had 100 words, but you should check out the one I wrote for #55WordFiction. ;-p

  3. Ah! Pull more demons into the mix, that would've been a good way to combine those word prompts with Zagan, capitalizing on his position as a major player in the infernal realms.

    I wish I'd done as elegant a job addressing the prompts as you did--really impressive and I liked all of the demons as you presented them.

  4. LOVE your take on the prompt - anthropomorphising it totally brought it to life. Great!