Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dangerous Games

Written for #DiabolicalDeeds

Dangerous Games
By Lisa McCourt Hollar
The caliginous interior of the bar was the perfect place for a clandestine meeting. Across from Helen, the man’s wolfish smile caused sensations throughout her body that George had failed to inspire in gods knew how long.
“So tall, dark and yummy,” she whispered, trailing a finger across his hand, “what’s your name?”
 Breathing in her scent, a low growl emanated from his throat. “Calu.”
 Helen laughed nervously, cacaesthesia settling over her as time seemed to slow.
“Calu,” she joked, trying to ease the tension, “Sounds like a drink.”
The demon smiled, revealing sharpened fangs. “Funny, you should mention drink.”

Word Count: 100


  1. Oh it could go sooo many places :)

  2. Wow, you nailed this one too! The consistency of your ability to evoke character and setting and immerse in it over any word length is really inspirational.

    I'm going to have a hard time picking a favorite entry from you for my post-challenge write-up.

  3. Wonderfully sinister creeping feeling of dread in this story - true horror queen!