Monday, November 19, 2012

The Monk's Abbatoir

This was written for #MondayMixer using all 9 prompts.
Locations: 1) belfry2) marshland 3) abbatoir
Things: 1) palanquin 2) gorse 3) cheesesteak
Adjectives: 1) egregious 2) philanthropic 3) terse
The Monk’s Abbatoir
By Lisa McCourt Hollar
Hailing General S’orn, the prince covered his nose and leaned back against the palanquin.  Gads, this marshland smelled nearly as noxious as the gorse clustering his land.
“Surely it’s not much further?”
“No, sire. The belfry can be seen just around the bend.”
Dismissing him with a terse nod, Rajn reflected on the philanthropic mission to bring food and medicine to the monks and his egregious lack of self- control with the Grand Duke’s wife; resulting in his being sent as the Goodwill Ambassador.
“The Prince and his men, unaware that the monks had gone mad, were slaughtered as they approached the abbey, their bodies consumed in a satanic ritual.”
Steven bit into his cheesesteak, ignoring the disapproving glares of the other tourists.  Oblivious of the hooded shadows following them, he leered at the guide and wondered if she would give him a private tour of the Monk’s Abbatoir.

Word Count: 150
Note: The photo came from PublicDomain.Net


  1. When I started, I was wondering how you were going to get cheesesteak in there. Nice job!

  2. ...and the source of the meat for the cheesesteak? ;)

    Nicely done.