Monday, November 26, 2012

Holographic Adventure

Written for #MondayMixer. The words to be used are:
Locations: 1) aerie 2) stadium 3) embassy
Things: 1) opera 2) bathyscaphe 3) halberd
Adjectives: 1) vacuous 2) stentorian 3) acerbic

I used all 9. Wasn't going to until someone... we all know who...laughed and said, "Can't work them all in, can you?" Just for that I had to go an extra step...
Holographic Adventure
By Lisa McCourt Hollar
Looking up at the Terradactyl like creature, Quark gripped the halberd he’d chosen for his weapon as the Klingon bird screeched its disapproval. Inside the aerie a faint voice could be heard calling for help. 
“Can’t we just turn off the program; maybe go back to Sisco’s baseball stadium?”
“That would not be sporting.” Worf’s stentorian voice boomed his disapproval.
“How about a Klingon opera?”
“Leave it to you, Quark, to take the easy way out.” 
Odo’s  acerbic words stung.  Sometimes a Ferengi had to stand on principle. Rising to his full height of 5’6’’ he stared into the shapeshifters eyes.
“I have followed every vacuous rule of Bashir’s spy program, including fighting my way through a Cardassian Embassy and climbing into that dusty bathscaphe…  20,000 leagues under the sea, my lobes still have not recovered… but if that hew-man is so smart, let him rescue himself.  I’ve had enough.   

Word Count: 150