Monday, December 3, 2012


Written for #MondayMixer. I used all 9 words so I could qualify for the overachiever award and once again stick my thumb in my husband's eye... who I love but still have to show him how it is done. Yeah... we're that couple, lol.
The words this week are

Locations: 1) spaceport 2) chasm 3) laundromat

Things: 1) ocarina 2) ravioli 3) veranda

Adjectives: 1) fatuous 2) indiscriminate 3) regressive


By Lisa McCourt Hollar
Looking out the Laundromat window, Bob put down his canned ravioli and stared at the small spacecraft landing outside.  Flames shot out the back of the ship, creating a chasm in the parking lot. A door opened and a green creature stepped out. He had something strapped to his side that resembled an ocarina.
“Mom, remember the aliens Uncle Earl told us about? I think they’ve come back.”
“Don’t be fatuous,” his mother answered, not even bothering to look up from her magazine.
Bob stepped out to the veranda. “Can I help you?”
 His uncle claimed aliens could be indiscriminate, often exhibiting regressive behavior.  Bob thought he may have mistaken the building for a spaceport.
Pointing his unmusical weapon at Bob, he shrunk him to the size of a quarter pounder. Collecting Bob in a baggy, the alien returned to his ship and left. Earth food was one of his favorites.
Word Count: 150



  1. Fun read, loved how he collected Bob in a baggy :)

  2. Wonderful!! Had me in giggles with Bob's canned ravioli and that he became someone's dinner was such a terrific twist!! Always enjoy reading your stories - always!

  3. Hahahaha! Loved it! Nice twist there. :-)