Monday, December 10, 2012

Gilligan's Revenge

This is my last minute entry to #MondayMixer. I have used all 9 words... a challenge this week.

Locations: 1) mineshaft 2) biodome 3) campus

Things: 1) coconut 2) tulwar 3) balalaika

Adjectives: 1) intrinsic 2) licentious 3) evanescent

Gilligan's Revenge
by Lisa McCourt Hollar

Smiling at an evanescent memory, the Professor regarded the tulwar he’d found in his office. Scanning the campus grounds, he wondered how they’d gotten off the island… and how they’d found the biodome.

“He’s knows we’re here.”

“Yes, I know.” Ginger turned from the window, wishing Gilligan would stop playing that damned balalaika. She considered smashing his head in. Mary Ann shook her head, he was a moron but therein was his intrinsic value...

“Maybe we should have left him in the mineshaft and brought the Skipper with us.”

“To what end? You saw what he did to the Howells.”

Ginger shuddered, remembering how they’d found the millionaire and his wife, their bones picked clean by the  fat Captain.

“It’s time.”

She liked Gilligan, but Mary Ann still strapped the coconut bomb to him.  The Professor would never suspect him of licentious intent. He would pay for leaving them behind.

Word Count: 150




  1. This was so much fun I didn't notice the prompt words at all!! Wonderful! :)

  2. I think we should rename the Monday Mixer - Monday Mayhem as we all try to write the most outlandish stories including as many strange prompt words as we can.
    You won't tell Jeff my secret plan will you Lisa? hehehehehe

    Great story! ;-)

  3. Heheheh. I like this, but even this is not enough payback for the "Hamlet/Carmen" episode.