Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tommy's First Time

*Warning* Adult Content

Aimee Amanda Alms wasn’t a bright girl, but she wasn’t dumb either. She knew what Tommy Thatcher wanted when he stopped and offered to give her a ride. She smiled at him as she climbed into his pickup and undid one of the buttons on her shirt, so that Tommy could have a good view. When they turned down a lane that wound between rows of corn in Bob Johnson’s field, she smiled even more.
“Now Tommy Thatcher, what would your mama say if she knew you were here with me?”
She was lying under him as he worked at undoing her jeans. She’d had his off and was working her hand up and, driving him to distraction. The longer it took to undo the button, the more frustrated he was becoming.
“She’d probably be praying for me. Maybe that’s why I can’t get this damn button loose.”
“Naw, it’s because your fingers are too fat. Here, let me help.”
Amy let go of him and worked her pants down past her hips.
“Did you just call me fat?” Tommy sat back, looking hurt.
“No, Tommy,” she said, reaching for him again, “I said your fingers were fat. That’s not a bad thing.” She took one of his fingers and stuck it in her mouth, sucking on it. Then she put it down between her legs so he could feel how excited she was. “Thick fingers are a good thing.”
Tommy smiled and pushed his finger deep inside the girl. Danny had told him how easy Amy was. He’d never been laid before and Danny had told him he should have a go at Amy. “She’ll fuck you,” he said, “she doesn’t care if you’re fat, skinny or old. I heard she’d do her own old man, if he’d stick it to her.”
“That’s sick,” Tommy said, but he’d gotten hard thinking about her. She was kind of pretty, in a plain sorta way. She didn’t put on fancy airs like some of the other girls.
“Are you just going to finger me, or are you going to show me what you’ve got?”
Amy rolled her eyes. “Are you going to stick your cock in me? That’s what you wanted right, to get your rocks off?” She pushed him back so that she could climb on top of him. “Is this your first time, Tommy Thatcher?” A smile widened on her face as she saw the flush in his face. “It is. Well here, let me make sure this is a first you’ll always remember.
She kissed him, working her tongue deep into his mouth while she moved her hand up and down his cock. Tommy was an expert at masturbating, but Amy’s fingers were doing things to him that he’d never felt when he was alone. Just when he thought he couldn’t take it anymore, she scooted down and stuck the shaft into her mouth. He exploded.
“Oh, geez Amy, I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be,” Amy said, wiping her mouth and grinning. She climbed on top of him, stadling him. She pulled her top off so he could get a good look at her tits. “You like them?”
Tommy nodded. She had her fingers around him again and somehow she was bringing his spent member back to life.
“Come here.” She took her free hand and brought his head forward, so that he could suck on her breasts. “Girls like to have their breasts played with, Tommy.”
He cupped them, enjoying how they felt, while she worked her magic on him. Lifting up, she slid his cock into her and began moving her hips taking him deeper and deeper inside.
He wrapped his arms around her waist and guided her, instinct taking over. Suddenly she jerked, arching her back and digging her fingers into his neck. He felt her nails pierce his skin as she guided his face to hers. The kiss lasted an eternity as his body joined hers in an orgasm. She moved from his mouth to his cheek, licking the sweat that had beaded up and then to his neck. He felt her tongue work over the puncture wounds and he started to pull away, worried about her getting blood into her mouth, but she held him fast. She sucked at the wound, swallowing blood as she did so. He was still in her and he felt himself hardening again at the intimacy. She continued to drink from his neck and he realized she’d opened the wound up more and he was bleeding freely.

“I like you, Tommy.”
He shuddered. He was beginning to feel weak. He should make her stop, but he didn’t want her too. He felt intoxicated. “I like you, too,” he managed before spilling more of his seed into her. Then his vision faded and everything went black.
When he woke, Amy was gone. He touched his neck, but he couldn’t find any kind of a wound. After a few moments the memory of Amy drinking from him faded. He smiled, only recalling her lithe body straddling his as he lost his virginity.


  1. what? That's it? Wam bam, see ya later sir? wow. I like the way you really never mention she's a vampire. none of the usual overly pale, long fangs, yada yada. and yeah, erotic.

  2. You know how I like to throw in a twist at the end, lol.