Friday, June 28, 2013

Elijah's Revenge

This is my entry for Jeff Tsuruoka's Mid-Week Blues Buster. He provides a song as a prompt. The song doesn't have to be mentioned. Just inspire.
Elijah’s Revenge
By Lisa McCourt Hollar
Elijah pushed back the brim of his hat and stepped back against the building, hoping to blend into the shadows. The moon was full tonight and lit the street well. He could see Dolly and the man she was speaking to, just as clearly as if the sun were high in the sky. Of course if the sun was out, he wouldn’t be there. Neither would the man.
“It’s taken me three years, Parker, but I’ve finally found you.”
The man looked in his direction and smiled. Elijah wondered if he’d heard him. A wagon went past, blocking his view. A couple of drunken yahoos leaned out the side and leered at the girls hanging around the saloon door. When it passed,  Dolly leaning against Parker and whispered something in his ear. She put her hand on his back, and then lowered it.  She was really trying to earn her pay. Parker grinned, wolfishly, and took her arm. Together they walked towards Baker’s Lodge. Elijah followed at a discreet pace.
He waited outside of Room One until he heard her scream. The sound was cut off almost immediately. Elijah kicked the door open.  Parker was bent over the woman, his mouth on her throat. The smell of blood greeted Elijah. Parker looked up, grinning with blood stained teeth. Just like he had three years ago.
“I wondered if you would decide to join me, or continue to hide in the shadows.” He tossed the barely breathing woman towards Elijah. “I’m afraid there’s not much left.”
“I didn’t come for her blood, I came for yours.”
Parker laughed. “Still angry? I would have thought you’d have moved on by now.”
“She was my wife.”
“Was. Before you died and were reborn a god. When that happened, she became food. Maybe I made a mistake turning you. You can’t seem to let go of the past.” He looked pointedly at Elijah’s badge. “Still fancy yourself a man of the law… and what’s this?” He reached behind Elijah and pulled a book from his pocket. Elijah just stood there, allowing him to take it. “A Bible?”
“I do the Lord’s work now.”
Parker laughed. Elijah waited for him to stop and then continued. “It took my dying to find God. All those years Janice tried to get me to go to church with her. I never knew my best friend was the devil.”
“Overly dramatic.  I did you a favor.” He nudged the prostitute towards Elijjah. “Now drink and then we’ll go out and have fun.”
“I’ll tell you what, how about I rip your head off instead.”
Parker rushed him. Elijah stood there waiting. He reached up, grabbing his former friends head and twisted. Parker’s eyes widened in surprise and then Elijah gave his head a hard jerk. Parker’s head came off, covering Elijah in blood. Elijah closed his eyes, thanking the Lord for the bountiful meal he was about to consume.

Word Count: 490

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  1. Wow! Love the tone and story! Perfect for the song too! :)