Friday, January 29, 2016

Being A Zombie Isn't As Cool As You Would Think

A kids zombie story. What do you think?

You would think being a Zombie would be a pretty cool thing;
You don't have to take baths,
And can stay up as late as you want.
No more school, by order of the Principal,
And scaring your sister tops the list too.
But it's not all green skin and dangling Eyeballs, (so cool, right?)
There's a down side to being a zombie.
Your mom is over careful about hugs,
And you are banned from sitting on the couch.
You have some weird food cravings, but it's all in the presentation--I recommend fried brains, boiling just makes them soggy.
You find out the hard way who your friends really are, or aren't.
But the absolute worst part of being a zombie:
When your dog plays hide and seek with your arm,
And the cat has swiped your nose.

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