Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Do Not Disturb

The sign on the door said NIGHT SHIFT WORKER. Do Not Knock Or Ring Doorbell. Dolores read the sign, she knew knocking would annoy the occupant inside, but she knocked anyway. Then she rang the doorbell. Twice. The message she carried was too important. The resident might be irritated at first, but once she explained the situation he, or she would understand. They would in fact be grateful.
The door cracked open and Dolores peered into the darkness. A man stood there in the shadows wearing nothing more than a T-shirt and shorts. Goodness, not even shorts; he was in his skivvies. His eyes were dark, and for a second she thought she saw a tinge if red. His face certainly was flushed. He glared at her and pointed to the sign on the door.
"Do you know how to read?"
"Yes, sir," Dolores said, putting on her most winning smile, "but you see, I have great news for you and I knew you would want to hear it right away."
Now he looked curious. "Great news?"
"Yes! Of our Lord and Savior. Do you know Him?"
The man looked past Dolores, being careful to stay in the shadows. "Don't you usually travel in pairs?"
A faint burning smell carried past the door when he spoke... Brimstone? Dolores kept her smile, but inside she felt a small tremor of doubt. She shrugged it off quickly; he was no doubt a smoker. It explained his reddened complexion. Poor guy probably wasn't getting enough healthy air. Yes, it was a good thing she had come by. He really needed the message.
"My companion took Ill," Dolores fibbed. It was just a little white lie, and completely justified in this situation. And it wasn't a complete fabrication, Jason really did feel sick, just not for the reason she was hinting at. She still couldn't believe his reaction when she said they should go to the house at the top of the hill.
"You're kidding right? The devil lives there."
"Hogwash! Rumor and superstition has ruled this town. A child of God lives in that house and he deserves to hear the good news as much as anyone else."
"Then you will be delivering it on your own, Dolores. I won't step foot on that cursed land."
Jason had left then, abandoning his duty as a Disciple if the Lord.
"So it's just you?" The man asked. He seemed put-off.
Perhaps he was a chauvanist, Dolores thought. One of those men who felt women should be silent on matters of the soul. Undeterred, she held up the book she carried."I would like to share this with you."
He was amused. Her mind was simple, but pure. Her thoughts, genuine. She was the rarest of rares--a true believer. Stepping back, he opened the door so she could step inside. He glanced down the street to see if anyone had observed their interaction. No one was in sight. There was this Jason she had been with earlier, but he could take care if him tonight. His eyes flashed red as he closed the door and turned to properly greet his guest.

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